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Why We Give Back- The Cry for Help

Posted by Dan McBride on

Why We Give Back- The Cry for Help

At Thin Fit Line, we care about our first responder family like they are our own, because they are.

We see and hear the cry for help throughout our brothers and sisters struggling with mental health type symptoms such as PTSD, Depression, Suicide, etc, that they have acquired from not only on the job but off as well. Which is why we have partnered with 2 amazing organizations that we have personally spoke with and trust, that provide peer support, financial assistance for licensed counseling that they will help find for you in your area and even help cover the cost of your first sessions along with bringing overall awareness and training to departments and the public on the issue of Mental Health.


We all know in the field that it's not if but when, which is why we make sure to help fund these organizations mission for when the time comes for you to talk to a fellow brother or sister, or a professional who knows the field, the trauma you experience and who actually give a shit about you as a person, that the resources are there and available for you.

It's tough, and I understand this from experience... but we all know inside that when we find someone who cares, understands and is real, we are more willing to open up to them and ask for the help we desire, which truly has the potential to save our lives or the life of a loved one! And that is exactly why we give back to these organizations.  We’ve got your six, ALWAYS!

Dan McBride

Founder Thin Fit Line

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